FACT: Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  When is the last time you did something amazing for it?

Having worked in the dermatology field for the past 7 years (and in healthcare for 10 years prior to that), I've come to understand that taking care of your body is vital to health and happiness. My son developed a skin condition at a very young age and I myself have encountered skin troubles including dry, problematic skin over the years. As a seeker of information and an avid explorer of new things, I began experimenting with homemade body scrubs several years ago and noticed dramatic and immediate results with my troublesome dry skin issues. 

At the encouragement of family and friends, I decided to share these products at large. My sincere hope is that you enjoy the exfoliating, holistic and moisturizing properties of these high quality, hand crafted, great smelling scrubs for use all over your body in the bath or shower. 

Check back often for new products and thank you for supporting a small business in Fort Worth, TX!

Blessings -
Lane, aka "The Sugar Momma"

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